Management and Operation
Our management and operations ability to keep the business attractive

Not only do we development commercial businesses, we also have specialized management and operational staff whose duty it is to maintain the commercial businesses as attractive operations. This maintenance of a facility‘s attractiveness is a crucial point in the long-term success and flourishment of that business. In Korea, with Kyungbang co., ltd, we built management and operational systems of commercial project for rent, as part of their role in the management and operation of TIMES SQARE. Through this large-scale project we accumulated operational know-how . We trust that this accumulated know-how will lead to prosperity of the businesses we manage.

Rejuvenated viewpoint in reaction to a new era

To keep the commercial businesses attractive, it is important to have a rejuvenated viewpoint to react to the change in era, like keeping the tenant structure edgy and facilitating new tenants. Within our every-day management of tenants, we strive to keep our management and operational practices fresh and always appropriate to the ever-changing commercial world. Our company implements merchandising presentation skills, cultivated through our rich development experience.