Layout Planning
Planning is made possible by understanding Soft MD.

For a commercial project, the relation between Hard planning and Soft MD & management affects its success greatly. Planning should not only look to improve the overall appeal of the commercial project but also sufficiently incorporate all features of Merchandising. Both the Planning and Merchandising elements should look to progress steadily together, This is JEDI’s style of operation. JEDI, using its experience and foresight, can sustain steady business for commercial projects.

Consideration of circulation with customer's eyesight

We take customer movement into account also when planning. How customers move within and through the facility is an important thing to consider. What paths of movement feel most dramatic and most comfortable for customers? Mapping these paths helps us establish the most natural stream of people. We construct the most effective and accurate plan by conducting various studies from every possible angle.

Plan construction for Asian sense in terms of scale.

We are focused on the Asian perspective because we think Westerners and Asians tend to have different senses for scale and openness of space. Different countries and regions demand different scales and tenants space.
Through our development experiences in Korea and China, we deeply understand the different senses for scale and commercial module across the Asian world.