Research and Planning
Approaching a project from various angles

All projects start with the pursuit of an in-depth understanding of the environment and all the important features.
Through investigation, information gathering and research - geographical and market conditions of the location and time-period can be collected. From here, we analyze the environmental and social context and we assess the potential of the project from various angles

Construction of development concepts that widen possibilities

The potential of a project depends on the strength and quality of its concept.
Creating businesses when the environment calls for it (e.g. when demand is at a high) and then adapting that business to the changes of time is our method of operation. We believe this method can maximize the project’s potential, the development concept is the bones of the project.
The MD, the architecture, commercial environment design,CI and operation all must have a deep knowledge an understanding of the concept and share its themes or meanings. This method is the driving force behind a projects success.

Visionary and original MD plan

When constructing an MD plan, we plan for the projects’ current situation and for its future, because we aim to provide project with not only a successful opening, but also growth over time and lasting popularity.
Our MD plan covers a variety of elements. Not only do we plan for changing trends but also changes in shopping patterns, tenant situations and regional character. All the while we aim to keep the business’ image and concept original yet fresh.
Our MD plans do not only apply to the Japanese market. Using our experience and knowledge of other Asian markets e.g. Korea and China we are able to tailor MD plans to suit any region or situation.