Interior Furnishing Control
Building a rapport with the tenant

The interior design of a given business‘s main structure is important, however the design of tenants’ individual spaces is also an integral part to the overall design. The role of interior control is to examine whether foundation design complies and fits the desired concept of the commercial business. Interior furnishing control also makes sure that the design process runs smoothly and on-schedule up until the point of and during the commercial business’s grand open. We strive to complete the design of the commercial businesses at a high level which is controlled according to a strict process. Design is carried out smoothly harmonizing the main structure design with that of the tenants’ individual spaces.

Composing facade rules

Facade design of each tenants’ space is different depending on the type of business. We create spaces that represent and compliments the image and special features of each tenant. To make sure the designs harmonize as a whole we tailor facade rules to suit each shared space and tenant space. This service has been widely used and honed in Japan, and we have experience to duplicate its success in Korean and Chinese markets, where it is growing in popularity.