Gwangmyeong Station Residential Commercial Complex Facility
1 Block Residential Commercial Complex Developing Project
Location Residential Commercial Complex 1 Block, Gwangmyeong Station Business Circle,Gwangmyeong City,Gyeonggi-do,
Client HOBAN Residential Building Co., Ltd.
Site Area 54,497m² (16,485 flat)
GFA 318,526m² (96,354 flat)
Store Area18,570m² (5,617 flat)
Facility Structure business facility, cultural facility, residence, office
Project OutlineResidential Commercial complex project, located in front of the KTX Gwangmyeong Station and developed by HOBAN Residential Building Co., is already under operation and this project is regarded as No. 3 of [Avenue France] series project, setting the key word [life style zoning] as planning concept, presenting business & cultural image and making facility layout plan.
Scope of Service2016. 01 – 2016. 06 business planning, facility layout plan