Majang Complex Service Area Project
Location Mok-ri Majang-myeon Icheon-si Gyeonggi-do
Client HIPLEX Co.,Ltd.
Opening April 4, 2013
Site Area 103,000m²
GFA 27,491m²
Project Outline This first service area in Korea complexes with cultured park space, shopping mall and more various functions.
The client, Hiplex was established as a consortium company of SK energy, Airport Oil Trading Company, Paris Croissant, company for providing meals, ECMD and Korean Investment etc. It will operate the facility for 25 years under the system called BOT*.

*BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer): It must collect funds through construction and management before transfer the claim to the owner.

At the beginning, both hard and soft had issues to solve: long circulation line over 400m, weather problem against open-air mall, indefinite of entrances, unclear strategy for tenant layout etc. JEDI comprehended them and put them as main points to operate MD planning and commercial space design.
Scope of Service 2012.5 - 2012.7 Commercial Plan, Facility Layout Plan, Commercial Space Design, Plan Operation